Corporate News:

DYNAMIC Engineering Corp. announces devlopment and completion of a very powerful web on-line dBase indexing product... dbWEB®©... Prodiving you; extensive on-line dBase security, fast indexing, on-screen easy to use menu features, and the robustness in execution you would expect from us. Your research information will never be presented better and faster to your user's than from dbWEB®©...

More information and on-line executable examples of dbWEB®© are found in our products section web page... limited trials available...

April 5, 2013

DYNAMIC Engineering Corp. announces the filing of a patent for its new Solid State Illuminant Railroad Signal. This new product features an extremely long field life that far exceeds anything currently available for Railroad right-of-ways. Other features include the elimination of mechanical components, enhanced brightness, and easy modification of exisiting field equipment.

March 1, 2001

DYNAMIC Engineering Corp. announces its enhanced product line of Radio Frequency (RF) products. These unique new products have applications in Plasma Generation, Plasma Welding, Communication and high efficiency, extremely low pollution (HEELP) Fuel Cells.

September 1, 1999

DYNAMNIC Engineering Corp. has sold its Neurology Products Division to WR Medical Electronics Co., 123 North 2nd Street, Stillwater, MN 55082. All EEGLE, NOMAD, and NOMAD Express support, service and new sales activities are performed by WR Medical.

  • WR Medical is a privately held Minnesota Corportation with a national distribution channel who has a series of Ear Nose and Throat surgical products, facial muscle monitors and Quantitative Sensory Testing Products.

  • WR Medical has enhanced its market and customer offerings with the new Portable NOMAD Express EMG/EP system, and the Intra-operative EEG monitor the EEGLE

  • The EEGLE and NOMAD Express are formerly registerd trademarks of DYNAMIC Engineering Corp. These products were designed and developed by DYNAMIC Engineering Corp. in 1991 and 1998 respectively.
July 1, 1999
DYNAMIC Engineering Corp. announces the development of the first truly portable digital filtered portable Electromyography and Evoked Potential system for neurodiagnostic testing. This new product named NOMAD Express will replace the highly successful microprocessor based NOMAD.

September 18, 1997
DYNAMIC Engineering Corp. announces the acquisition of the medical electronics devision of NORAN Instruments, Middleton, WI. NORAN Instruments is a wholey owned subsidiary of Baker Hughes Corporation. DYNAMIC Engineering plans to use its engineering expertise to further devlop the NOMAD and EEGLE product lines. The NOMAD is an Electromyography neurodiagnostic system. The EEGLE is a Electroencephalograph instrument used in the operating room for early preventable stroke detection.

August 3, 1991
DYNAMIC Engineering Corp. was awarded its second Innovation and Research award. This award was presented by Wisconsin Governor Thomponson for further development, testing and commercialization of Nuclear Power Plant Integrated Leakage Testing hardware and software.

November 8, 1989
DYNAMIC Engineering Corp. was awarded its first Innovation and Research Award. This award was presented by Wisconsin Governor Thomponson for research and implementation of methods to accurately test Commercial Nuclear Power Plant's containment vessels for leakage rates. This research was sponsored by the U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission from submittals of over 5000 companies.

September 12, 1988