"natural" Advanced Random Number Generator

Our "natural" Advanced Random Number Generator(s) have been developed for use in complex random number model experiments.

Past project customers for "nARNG" include the US Department of Energy (USDOE) and the US Nuclear Regualatory Commission (USNRC).

Advanced numerical analysis software was written to specifically challenge test nuclear test methods for nuclear reactor containment vessels. With the strict goal of the public interest every effort was placed in the development of the fundamental software algorithms to insure the best integrity, speed of execution, and accuracy of results.

One version of nARNG is non repeatable from the same seed up to an estimated 1017 random pulls. The second version of nARNG will produce reatable results from a root seed, this generator is non repeatable to an estimated 1017 random pulls.

Our generators are available as linkable libraries, and are a significant part of the nHTML encryption package.

This software was originally written to execute on HP-UX System V running on RISC® (reduced instruction set hardware), subsequent engineering imlemtations have been on Microsoft Windows®, QNX®, and Linux® on personal computer based workstations.